Antimycotic Sensitivity Test Agar


规格: 250g 500g




产品名称: 抗真菌药物敏感性试验琼脂;抗真菌剂敏感性试验培养基
英文名称: Antimycotic Sensitivity Test Agar
培养基类型: 非选择性培养基
级别: for microbiology
品牌: ELITE-MEDIA(艾礼培养基)
产品目录号: M298-01、M298-02
产品规格: 250g、500g
产品外观: 麦秸色粉末。
灭菌后颜色与澄清度: 琥珀色略不透明凝胶。
保存条件: 密封,2-25°C保存。
注意事项: 避免摄入、吸入、皮肤接触。
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抗真菌药物敏感试验琼脂(Antimycotic Sensitivity Test Agar)用于扩散法检测抗真菌药物敏感性试验。


真菌感染在过去的十年中急剧增加,经常伴随系统性感染,如AIDS、癌症患者和免疫能力降低的病人。不 幸的是,抗真菌药物种类很少,真菌感染趋于快速产生对这些药物的耐药性。真菌感染的致死率远高于细菌感染。因此,抗真菌剂的增加和抗 真菌剂的需求的增加,急需更快、更准确的抗真菌药物筛选方法和药敏试验(susceptibility testing)方法。抗真菌剂测定琼脂由Berger 和Lazecka研发,既作为基础琼脂也作为种子琼脂,用于便捷地测定药品和其它材料的抗真菌活性。该培养基是合成培养基,成分是已知的, 因此抑制性只能来自抗真菌剂,而不是养分耗竭。




成分 g/L
酪蛋白胨 19
酵母提取物 10
葡萄糖 20
柠檬酸钠 10
磷酸氢二钠 1
琼脂 25
pH 6.6±0.2  

1. 称取85g本产品,用1000ml纯水重悬。
2. 加热使培养基完全溶解。
3. 121°C 灭菌15min。
4. 冷却至45-50°C 时倒平板。


Preparation of Inoculum:

Inoculum is prepared by picking five distinct colonies of approximately 1mm from 24 hours old culture grown on Sabouraud Dextrose Agar and incubated at 35 ± 2°C. Colonies are suspended in 5ml of sterile 0.85% Saline. Vortex the resulting suspension and adjust the turbidity to yield 1 x 106 - 5 x 106 cells /ml (i.e. 0.5 McFarland standard).

Test Procedure:

1. Prepare plates with Antimycotic sensitivity Test Agar for carrying out susceptibility of antifungal discs. The medium in the plates should be sterile and have a depth of about 4 mm.
2. Dip a sterile non-toxic cotton swab on a wooden applicator into the standardized inoculum (turbidity so adjusted, as to obtain semi confluent growth on the petri plate) and rotate the soaked swab firmly against the upper inside wall of the tube to express excess fluid. Streak the entire agar surface of the plate with the swab three times, turning the plate at 60° angle between each streaking. Allow the inoculum to dry for 5 - 15 minutes with lid in place.
3. Apply the discs using aseptic technique. Deposit the discs with centers at least 24 mm apart.
4. Invert the plates and place in an incubator set to 35 ± 2°C within 15 minutes after the discs are applied.
5. Examine each plate after 20 - 24 hours of incubation. If plate was satisfactorily streaked the resulting zones of inhibition will be uniformly circular and there will be a semi-confluent lawn of growth. Read at 48 hours only when insufficient growth is observed after 24 hours incubation.

Antimycotic Sensitivity Test Agar is recommended for testing the antimycotic activity by disc diffusion method (Sensitivity disc or MIC testing). The Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) subcommittee on Antifungal Susceptibility Testing has established interpretative break point for three drugs and Candida spp. The M44-A document (approved standard) became available in 2004. Espinel-Ingroff suggested that easier test modification to CLSI methods are desirable . Several workers have used agar diffusion method as an alternative approch to the CLSI methods. Stiller et al observed a good correlation between MICs and growth inhibition zones for 5-FC. Pfaller et al found a fluconazole disk test to be comparable to the MIC test. Barry and Brown demonstrated good correlation between fluconazole disk test and MIC determined by either broth dilution or E Test. Espinel et al and Pfaller et al evaluated E Test and suggested that it correlates well with CLSI reference methods. However this agreement was species and medium dependent and they suggested the need for further optimisation of medium formulation.




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